[News]  Big update released, almost all VIP Items drop in game!

(1) These items are drop in game map: DaeShin District
★ Enhancer(Weapon)★ Enhancer(Armor)
★ Enhancer(Weapon)Box[99P]★ Enhancer(Armor)Box[99P]
★ Dual Sealed Card [99P] Box★ Sealed Card [99P] Box★ Reform Card [99P] Box
★ Additional Stats Reform Card [99P] Box★ Basic Stats Reform Card [99P] Box
★ Skill Effect Reform Card [99P] Box★ Blessed Paper
★ Blazing Armor Set (8D)★ Devil Costume (M) [3D] Box★ Angel Costume (W) [3D] Box
★ Bad Boy Costume Set (M) (8D)★ Bad Girl Costume Set (F) (8D)
★ EXP Tattoo Suit Box (1D)★ Light Spirit Set(7D)★ Blue Tint Aqua Wings Costume (7D) Box
★ Blazing Wings Costume (7D) Box★ Wrapper★ Wings of Heaven (Costume) [7D] [Rainbow] Box
★ Snowflake Belt(6H)★ Pain of the Broken-Hearted Belt (5H)Box★ EXP Heart Ring (1D) Box
★ Lucky Sign (7D) Box★ Lovely Steps (7D) Box★ Fluttering Roaster Feathers (7D) Box
★ Swimming Master belt (7D) Box★ Couple Breaker Belt (7D) Box★ God of Terror Wings Costume (7D) Box
★ Wings of Heaven (Costume) [7D] [White]Box★ Black Wing (Costume) [7D] Box
★ White Wing (Costume) [7D] Box★ Blessed Paper [99P] Box
Enhancer Success rate in game is 50% and the Maximum value is +185

(2) Almighty Weapon update to these status:

Melee Shooting Energy HP HP+MP+SP Rate Strike Hit
Dex 1 198 1 1577 10% 15%
Pow 198 1 1 1577 10% 15%
Int 1 1 388 1577 10% 15%

(3) Add 5 new maps for the newbie in the bottom of bus station, new account in 30days can get the newbie card to cross it.
      If your account registered more than 30 days you can not access these newbie maps any more.

(4) PK and PVP high damage value between players just like you kill the mob*0.5.

(5) Everyone need waiting 10 sec cool time when you use web function or relogin the game.

(6) Normal Epoint Ticket drop in map:Mechanical , Advanced Epoint Ticket drop in map:DaeShin District
     The Epoint Ticket change to Epoints function webpage will release soon

(7) Web site add new Lucky Wheel
MADNESS Time Gift Box [5P]
POWER UP Gift Box [5P]
Quad Power Training Rosary Box [1D]
Name Change Card Box
16 Power Training Rosary Box [1D]
Premium Entry Ticket (6H) Box

(8) Promotions for Epoint purchase
while 4000 epoints - 9999 epoints
will receive 1 *
5% Strike+5000HP Blood Bag

while 10000 epoints - 19999 epoints
will receive 1 *
5% Strike+10000HP Blood Bag

while more than 20000 (include 20000) epoints
will receive 1 *
5% Strike+20000HP Blood Bag

Accumulated epoints are not counted.
Blood Bag will automatically send to the game bank.
Attention!!! The Blood Bag can drop and trade in game, so if you don't want to lose it,
you must upgrade once on our website via “Binding“ page.

(9) Reborn request adjustment
1-50th is Junior Reborn
Reborn Need 120 level and 1 game gold (character inventory),get 50 stats points.

51-100th is Middle Reborn
Need 200 level and 5000000 game gold (character inventory),get 50 stats points

101-Max is Advanced Reborn
Need 250 level and 50000000 game gold (character inventory),get 50 stats points

(10) Reform item with max +6000 HP, VIP item with +7000 HP

(11) Add free 20000HP on VIP weapon in Mall

Patch Version Note Mirror
20180417 Big update! VIP items drop in game Mirror1

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