[News]  New update released, Item upgrade more easy now!
(1)Item upgrade (Enhancer Armor and Enhancer Weapon) upper limit to +185 and success rate 90%. And the most important is the Enhancer Armor \Enhancer Weapon price discounted to 80 Epoints for now!
(2)A significant increase in the random HP value of the ★ Super Almighty Ring, which is more likely to be closer to the value of +5000 than before.
(3)Increase the upper limit of random HP value for ★ Almighty Weapon[GT Pink] from +2000 to +5000.
(4)Increase the Spirit Attack Value for ★ Almighty Weapon [Int][GT Pink]  from 498 to +798.
(5)Fixd skill error message: SD_015_014

This new patch is only for RAN-WORLD2_Full_20171101:

Patch Version Note Mirror
20180130 This patch is only for 20171020 Mirror1

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