When two players has the same number of reborn (Ex. The highest reborn),
the player who has higher level will temporarily be ranked ahead of the other player;

While when the two players has also the same level (Ex. Level 350),
the player who first reach the highest reborn
(Based on the reborn time recorded in the website) will be ranked ahead of the other.
This list updated every 6 hours.

1 ____ 314106Assassin(Boy)MP
2 -AZHEL-- 338100Swordsman(Girl)SG
3 Aime 32681Brawler(Girl)SG
4 Huafu 33280Brawler(Boy)PH
5 -FERRERO- 32977Magician(Girl)MP
6 -Master- 26067Swordsman(Boy)MP
7 `Buroto- 32064Brawler(Boy)SG
8 Mellenia 25964Gunner(Girl)PH
9 LemonT 26360Extreme(Boy)SG
10 -Reian 31259Assassin(Girl)SG
11 Jiane 40058Gunner(Boy)PH
12 Empire_Turk 31058Swordsman(Boy)MP
13 -PETMALU 29858Brawler(Boy)MP
14 ZeeVee 25558Swordsman(Girl)SG
15 Acc5 22858Gunner(Boy)SG
16 WinterSnow 25357Archer(Girl)SG
17 -soda06- 30656Assassin(Boy)MP
18 Yatogami 29256Assassin(Boy)SG
19 -JohnWhit3- 28256Magician(Girl)SG
20 Frankenstein` 27056Magician(Boy)PH
21 Karen- 26956Magician(Girl)MP
22 -PREMIER- 25456Swordsman(Boy)SG
23 _dodskie23_ 30355Brawler(Boy)SG
24 Sure- 26255Archer(Girl)MP
25 Cerny`Gun 23655Gunner(Girl)MP

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